Cops shut down business housing prostitution ring

News-DemocratDecember 19, 2013 

A Brooklyn massage parlor was shut down for good after a Wednesday raid.

Police said S&L Rub, at the corner of Jefferson and Third streets, was a thinly-veiled prostitution business.

Undercover officers visited the massage parlor in March and made several arrests. Police said that after undercover investigators were told the price of a massage, workers offered them a menu of various sex acts. That's when an army of uniformed officers burst in.

Brooklyn Police, U.S. Marshals and the St. Clair County Sheriff's Department conducted a second raid Wednesday and found the building to be unoccupied, according to Brooklyn Police Chief Tony Tomlinson.

"The first time there was a sweep and people were arrested," Tomlinson said. "The second time we had a pretty good idea that no one was going to be there. The idea was to seize control of the business, board it up and change the locks to make sure that it was closed for good."

The business apparently was well-known as a place of prostitution. An Internet search of the business' name linked it to multiple websites that detailed the illegal acts that were available, described and rated employees and listed prices.

Tomlinson said he was greatly relieved to know that S&L Rub is gone for good.

"These types of places attract a criminal element," Tomlinson said. "They attract criminal activity. While we didn't get a lot of reports from the inside of the business, we got a lot of calls because of problems all around it."

When Tomlinson became chief a year ago, he called on other agencies to help sweep drugs and prostitution out of Brooklyn.

"We're thankful for the support," Tomlinson said. He credited the sheriff's Department, U.S. Marshal Service, the U.S Attorney's office and the Illinois State Police for assisting with the crackdown.

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