Our children have lost their way

December 19, 2013 

Yet another school shooting, yet another gun.

The mainstream media just don't get it. Oh, by the way, this kid in Colorado also had a machete.

Guns, knives, clubs or whatever don't kill people; sick people created by a sick society do.

I wonder, was anyone praying at Arapahoe High School as the gunman was searching for his victim or was the ACLU on the scene making sure that no prayer policy was being adhered to?

Generations have been raised with no moral compass, you can discard a human fetus in to a biological hazard receptacle. Children spend hours daily playing video games where kill, kill is the main goal. No social interaction, not even talking to anyone, rather texting.

How can you have any emotional attachment to anything human? You don't; to you life is just another video game.

America was founded on Jewish and Christian principles but gave everyone the right to practice their own belief. How hypocritical to have our elected officials sworn in with their hand on the Bible, but our kids can't pray at school.

Maybe if a child had his hand on a Bible, he wouldn't have his finger on the trigger.

Our money still says "In God we trust." Let's get back to trusting him, or it will soon say,"In Obama we trust."

William H. Bremen Sr.


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