Data-security breach fails to keep shoppers away from local Target store

News-DemocratDecember 19, 2013 

The reported data-security breach at Target stores did not stop shoppers from filling the parking lot Thursday evening at the Fairview Heights Target store on Illinois 159.

Dennis Coleman, of Fairview Heights, knew of the security breach after his credit card company, USAA, sent him an email letting him know the company knew of the breach and informing him to keep an eye on his statements for any unusual activity.

"I'm worried about it, but not terribly," he said. He used his card in the Target store Thursday night.

Brittany Coleman did not know of the breach when she swiped her card at the Target store, but also carries a USAA card and wasn't too worried about the breach possibly affecting her negatively. The number of people possibly compromised, 40 million, did shock her though.

"Wow," she responded. "That's kind of scary."

Traci Nowak, of Swansea, spent a large portion of her day Thursday trying to get through to Target on the store's hotline to find out what if her Target Red Card had been compromised. She couldn't get through. She tried accessing her account online, and again, couldn't get through.

"You call and it's busy, busy, busy, then, if you do get through, they tell you they can't process your call and hang up," she said. "It's frustrating. You can't get through to even check your account to see what's going on."

She was headed into Target to make some purchases, but didn't plan to use her card.

"I'm getting rid of that," she said Target's Red Card. "I'm getting rid of Kohl's card, too. From now on I'm only using my Discover card or cash. But, you don't really want to walk around with a lot of cash, either. It's just so frustrating."

She added that her card was part of the Schnuck's security breach earlier this year.

Pam Shanley's husband saw the news about the Target security breach Thursday morning and told her about it.

But, she forgot during her trip to the store and used her debit card to make her purchases.

"Oh, my husband is going to be so mad," she said.

She added that she did have a few last minute things to purchase before Christmas, but doesn't plan to use her card.

"I'll make sure I use cash for the rest of my shopping," Shanley said.

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