Delaney objects to being listed on blog's 'America's Worst Bosses'

News-DemocratDecember 20, 2013 

The former St. Clair County clerk accused of harassing employees has been ranked as one of the worst bosses in the nation by a website focused on workplace bullying.

The site,, listed Bob Delaney as the eighth worst boss in the nation in its fifth annual list of "America's Worst Bosses."

Delaney previously denied allegations from employees of sexual harassment, racial discrimination and other mistreatment. He resigned from his post as county clerk in June.

Delaney said he strongly disagreed with the website including him on the list.

"I was a very good boss. I treated everybody right," he said. "These allegations are wrong. They were all brought up for different reasons to get me out. I worked with employees to make sure if they had a sick child to let them take time off and didn't charge them.

"The atmosphere in that office was a good one. I really deny (the website's labeling him a bad boss). I thought I was a very good boss. In fact, a lot of people in that building wanted to come work with me. ... I was fair and helped those people with any problem they had."

The website's founder, Asher Adelman, said he created the site in 2007 as a resource to help people evaluate potential employers and avoid hostile workplaces. Adelman said his own experiences spurred the site's creation and he hopes it helps people avoid "quitting a job they are satisfied with and up in a nightmare situation."

"EBossWatch is a career resource mainly for job-seekers and a lot of employers use it as well," Adelman said. "Basically, we help job-seekers evaluate future employers and managers. We enable people to review both companies and organizations they have worked at as well as managers they reported to, and provide a little more insight of potential employers and workplaces."

The 50-person list includes a former mayor, eight law enforcement officers, five restaurant managers, two fire department bosses and a church bishop. Delaney is the only person from the metro-east on the 2013 list.

The site claims the 50 bosses have cost their employers more than $52 million in legal action and lawsuit settlements. The 33 bosses working within the public sector, such as counties, police and fire departments, have cost taxpayers more than $21 million, according to the site.

A settlement has not finalized between employees of the County Clerk's Office and St. Clair County, according to county officials.

A panel of five workplace experts ranked the worst bosses. The panel sorted through a compilation of news articles and court records related to workplace harassment, then ranked the most extreme cases.

"The idea behind America's Worst Bosses' annual list is to generate more exposure for the topic of workplace harassment and bullying," Adelman said. "We wanted to highlight these extreme cases and deter managers and bosses from treating their employees in a negative way."

Contact reporter Daniel Kelley at or 618-239-2501.

Contact reporter Daniel Kelley at or 618-239-2501.

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