What do you still have to do to get ready for Christmas?

December 22, 2013 

"I am going home to (Appleton) Wisconsin tomorrow. I should get a few more presents for relatives. I'll do that when I get back home."

David Sehloff, 20

St. Louis

Washington University student majoring in electrical engineering

"I still have to get more presents, too. The trickiest one is probably my mom. She always wants us to make stuff instead of buying. She would prefer a written poem or a drawing, but I don't know what to do with that. I have to be pretty creative."

Trinity Lopez, 19

Fairview Heights

student at Washington University majoring in systems engineering

"Nothing. I have everything set up. I'm heading to Chicago this weekend to tour the city and I'm coming back to St. Louis on Christmas Day. Last year, I liked the snow. This year, no."

Yi-Min Hou, 19

St. Louis, originally from Chengdu, Szechwan Province, China

student at Washington University majoring in mechanical engineering

"I have to get (my brother) a present and my mom, and maybe do some decorating. My mom doesn't do material things. She likes acts of service. It's figuring out what to do."

Kayla Davis, 18


home-schooled high school graduate now considering colleges

"I've just got to get presents for friends. I've just been looking around so far, looking for ideas."

Jordan Davis, 17


graduated from Lincoln's Challenge Academy in Rantoul, considering colleges

"All I have left to do is wrap presents. My best present is a custom-made doll for my daughter Parker who is 1. My friend April does custom dolls and she's making it to look just like her."

Courtney Chesley, 31


owner of The Vintage Addiction

"Wrap presents. I am 99 percent finished. We just made a huge dent. The Christmas tree went up yesterday. We just need stocking stuffers. The best gift I found is a curio cabinet for my daughter."

Jean Bergan, 51


works for Archway Cooling and Heating, with husband Steve

"Not much. We're pretty well prepared. I'll wear the Santa outfit a couple more times. I had to expand it a little for me. I've got a bigger hat that goes over a wig. It makes me feel like Santa except when they pinch and pull my beard." (But it's all worth it.) "Playing Santa makes people happy." Dale Stanley, 75


retired from 34 years in the banking business and 9 years driving Bi-State buses. He's also a musician who plays baritone and tuba in the RSVP Orchestra and the Deutschmeister Brass Band of St. Louis

"Buy a few gifts. Get a few gift cards. Our daughter (Dena) bought a Santa Claus uniform at a yard sale. He put it on and wore it to an elderly couple's house. Tomorrow, we are doing the senior dance. He'll wear his costume. He looks so real."

Sandy Stanley, 70


mother of five and grandmother of 13, retired from radiology department at Memorial Hospital

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