Real estate: See what your neighbor's house is selling for

December 22, 2013 

See what your neighbor's house is selling for in St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties.



* 516 Portland Ave.; from Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to St. Clair County Intergovernmental Grants Dept.; $18,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 1105 Olive St.; from Nelson M. Lang; to Julie R. Lewis; $123,500.

* 314 S. Church St.; from Karl Carl and Tammy Carl; to Shawn I. Genard; $50,000.

* 1409 Bel Aire Drive; from Joseph A. Steirer and David Potratz; to Rebecca J. Owens; $54,000.

* 113 Eagles Landing Drive; from Rac Closing Services LLC; to Ryan Kohler and Jenny Kohler; $179,000.

* 704 Santa Anna Court; from New Tradition Homes LLC; to Cameron J. Peterson; $185,000.

* 100 San Mateo Drive; from Christopher Stagner and Elizabeth Jensen; to David Jorgenson; $78,000.

* 3401 Chippewa Drive; from Charles F. Vatterott Construction Co.; to Craig Steimling; $220,000.

* 2309 Stonecastle; from Tygracon Properties Inc.; to Susan A. Gruberman; $142,500.

* 2321 College Ave.; from Dale Brandt; to Reginald Williams; $127,000.

* 1836 Page Ave.; from Arrow Realty Inc.; to Raymond L. Nevenner; $49,000.

* 101 Covered Bridge Lane; from Timothy Keeley and Sara Keeley; to Robert Fritz and Michelle Fritz; $550,000.

* 425 Clearview Drive; from Leon L. Nurdin and Mary Presson; to Dennis M. Mernick and Deborah Mernick; $45,000.

* 35 Nottingham Lane; from The Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Shamika Patterson; $13,500 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 313 Hickory Bend; from Geraldine Pabst; to Jeri McGarvey; $115,000.

* 209 Highridge Drive; from Thomas Pajda; to Donald Moeser; $80,000.

* 203 Carson Drive; from Doanld P. Hickman; to Adam Karr and Julie Karr; $25,000.

* 127 Superior Drive; from Patricia Dewolf and Joan Dewolf; to Matthew Paul; $28,000.

* 75 Country Club Place; from Jared P. Isom and Mary Isom; to Michael T. Lacy and Barbara A. Lacy; $219,000.

* 137 Paulette Drive; from Richard McElroy and Dawn McElroy; to Charles Sisk and Connie Sisk; $43,000.


* 313 Sauget Ave.; from Melissa A. Kleinlein and Michael R. Williams; to Russell E. Fairbanks and Lila J. Fairbanks; $33,500.

* 1406 Williams St.; from Screaming Eagle Properties LLC; to Horizon Trust Co.; $52,500.

* 822-824 Park Ave.; from Anthony Properties Inc.; to Bobbi Ofstein; $37,500.


* 451 S. 4th St.; from Lewis Investments Inc.; to Miguel Sanchez; $70,500.

* 353 Old Collinsville Road; from Michael Rousseau and Michelle Rousseau; to Steven Cannady And Sheree Cannady; $277,500.

* 980 Bethel Mine Road; from John W. Maher and Linda D. Maher; to Paul C. Fruend and Carol B. Fruend; $270,000.


* 609 Florrence Ave.; from Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Jon Reinhold; $55,000.


* 615 Ember Crest Drive; from Jill E. Sampson; to James E. Graser and Michele D. Graser; $143,500.

* 9112 Summit Drive; from Eric Reamer and Shannah Reamer; to Paul S. Barrett II; $80,000.


* 714 Mary Ann Court; from Thomas Klopmeyer and Gail Klopmeyer; to Glennon Tonnies and Tiffani Tonnies; $200,000.

* 208 N. Edison St.; from TriState Real Estate Inc.; to Lucan N. Shook and Jamie N. Shook; $142,000.

* 8316 Peabody Road; from Jo Ann Moore; to Gregory D. Smith and Sandra L. Smith; $266,000.


* 1104 Lear Lane; from New Tradition Homes LLC; to John S. Hill and Charissa Hill; $212,500.


* 6462 Albert Lane; from Richard Sutter and Judith Sutter; to Michael Toenjes and Catherine Toenjes; $152,000.

* 506 W. Mill St.; from Anthony Paisley and Angela M. Paisley; to Rebekah Amann; $163,000.


* 939 Georgetown Drive; from Marcus A. Schaeffer; to D.B. II LLC; $120,000.

* 6811 Cabot Court; from D & F Contracting Inc.; to Richard Williamson; $255,000.

* 178 Coles County Drive; from Melody A. Hoilman; to John P. Schmitt; $179,500.

* 503 Fontainebleau Drive; from Joseph A. Panza Jr.; to Corey Votrain; $137,500.

* 1809 Crestview Drive; from Ricahrd Ervin Guardian; to Michael L. Cummings; $21,000.


* 2740 Lauren Lake Drive; from Jeffrey Price and Susan Price; $231,000.


* 4530 Elk Meadow Lane; from Melody M. Bruckner; to Thomas Klopmeyer and Gail Klopmeyer; $152,000.

* 4520 Beaderwood Court; from Glennon Tonnies and Tiffani Tonnies; to Stephen Slightom and Jacki Slightom; $277,500.


* 1020 Lincoln St.; from Susan K. McCluskey; to DAniel Thomas Otten; $42,000.


* 1407 Kinsalla Ave.; from Gary T. Gansmann; to Bradley S. Bovinette; $67,000.

* 124 Papillon Drive; from Betty R. Bennett; to Mao Li Dong and Xiu Mei Chen; $210,000.

* 1801 N. 16th St.; from Robert J. Huelsman Sr. and Georgia L. Huelsman; to Aaron Ackerman; $75,000.



* 8595 Kee Mac Lane; from Raymond R. Herrin and Kelly A. Herrin; to Nicholas Douglas and Crystal Douglas; $288,500.

* 2012 Wilkening Drive; from Grant S. Jensen and Lois M. Jensen; to Michael Schmidt and Jennifer Dossett; $100,000.


* 511 Montana St.; from Lana Haldeman, Lois N. Draper, Michael Haldeman; to Michael L. Eddy and Jessica L. Eddy; $105,000.


* 22 Rickhaven Drive; from Gary L. Marchetti and Karen K. Adams; to Timothy Plemons and Brittany Hayes; $134,500.

* 718 Lillian St.; from Timothy M. Vogt and Lindsay A. Vogt; to Catherine A. Morgan; $83,000.

* 111 Westwood St.; from Randy C. Everly; to Timothy M. Vogt and Lindsay Vogt; $109,000.

* 5 Aspen Circle; from Renee D. Klein; to Richard A. Moss, Ann C. Moss, Jason Moss, Christine Moss; $155,000.

*128 Collinsville Ave.; from Jeffrey Allison and Judith Allison; to Dawn R. Edwards; $70,000.


* 96 S. 9th St.; from Edward J. Diestelkamp; to Kyle B. Hagen and Kristine L. Hagen; $70,000.

* 251 Oakley Place; from Pamela Quina; to Timothy Minner and Jamie L. Baker; $120,000.


* 3304 Karros Court; from David Brian and Jana Brian; to Michael A. Vannelli and Susan C. Vannelli; $408,000.


* 6402 Florida Ave.; from John A. Scanlon Jr. and John A. Scanlon II; to Trista L. Cook; $75,000.

* 7504 Saturn Court; from Fannie Mae; to Joshua Yinger; $68,500.

* 4001 Stoneledge Court; from E.J. Kuiper and Patricia A. Kuiper; to Stephen J. Winkler and Kimberly A. Winkler; $605,000.


* 2916 National Ave.; from HomeInvestors LLC; to Jane A. Geggus; $71,000.

*313 Wilson Park Lane; from Michael W. Billick; to EMily K. Jenkins; $50,000.

* 1517 Clark Ave.; from Fannie Mae; to Debra Hewitt and Paris Hewitt; $22,000.

* 3008 Wayne Ave.; from Cynthia A. Simpkins; to James B. Leith and Rebecca S. Williams; $82,000.


* 118 E. 2nd St.; from Timothy E. Minner and Jamie L. Baker; to Kirsten M. Connor; $54,500.


* 3301 Fairway Drive; from Kerry B. Sloan and Rachel L. Sloan; to Dale A. Wellen and Stacey D. Wellen; $37,500.


* 317 Bauer Lane; from David S. Corrie, James E. Corrie, Robert D. Corrie; to Kirk Evans; $115,000.


* 1350 Midland St.; from Chad Davis and Stephanie D. Davis; to Christopher D. Murphy and Lauren A. Houba; $82,000.

* 439 Fifth St.; from Susan J. Yates; to Rose V. Hatley and William W. Hatley; $63,000.


* 7291 Prairietown Road; from Larry M. Bruce and Barbara A. Bruce; to Delwin S. Merchant; $93,000.

* 7303 Prairietown Road; from Larry M. Bruce and Barbara A. Bruce; to Michael Meshey and Jennifer Meshey; $75,000.



* 557 Michelle Drive; from Fannie Mae; to Coty J. Stief and Lauren E. Stief; $205,500.

* 1033 Lexington Drive; from Curt R. Harres and Kara S. Harres; to David L. Vernon and Elizabeth A. Vernon; $148,000.


* 1921 G Road; from Michael R. Crook; to Catrena L. Heck and Dale A. Heck Jr.; $64,000.


* 3964 Doyle Road; from Fannie Mae; to Kevin R. Kalmer; $68,000.


* 824 Ridge Road; from JLP Construction Co.; to Timothy A. Fannon and Morgan G. Veath; $292,000.

* 102 Lemen St.; from Everbank; to Russell Walster; $57,000.

* 107 N. Church St.; from Ardell E. Weltig and William Weltig; to Benjamin P. Dailey; $75,000.

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