Still issues at Whiteside

December 22, 2013 

The Whiteside School District was previously investigated by the state attorney general's office for violating the state Open Meetings Act. The district was found to have violated the Open Meetings Act and was reprimanded by the attorney general for the violations.

The district continues to ignore public laws intended to protect and inform the public regarding its operations. The district has not published the annual financial report according to state regulations, nor has it filed an annual budget with the county clerk as required by law. The district is also in violation of more than one public law regarding its website.

Maybe another investigation by the attorney general will get the school board to finally pay attention to state statutes and realize that the administrators have failed to perform their duties in compliance with state law.

I wonder if the board is even aware of the state findings in the prior investigation since they have apparently made no effort to fix a continuing lack of supervision of district employees to ensure the district is in compliance with state regulations.

The board continues to give contract extensions and salary increases to a superintendent who apparently is clueless of the state reporting requirements. I would recommend they follow a new direction and hold the superintendent accountable for her actions and force her to follow state law, then maybe monitor her actions closely to make sure she is following board policy.

Louis J. Netemeyer


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