Obama is match for Tea Party

December 22, 2013 

I was amused at the Dec. 3 Opinions page with one writer from Belleville yearning for a president like Russian leader Vladimir Putin and another missing "Hail Obama" supporters.

In response I can say how proud I was of our president when he defiantly stood up against the Republican Tea Party's attempted coup to bring down our government.

From what I understand the Tea Party is against social welfare, environmental protections and women's rights. Members favor severely cutting food stamps and want subsidies for big agriculture corporations. They vote for subsidies for profit-making oil and gas corporations and doing away with EPA regulations that protect our land and water.

While noticeably being anti-government, they proudly support the right to carry and "stand your ground" if you get frightened.

They seem eager to make somebody pay, fire somebody, imprison somebody for not living up to their morals. They believe if you don't work, you don't eat yet demand drug tests and background checks to get a job.

I would be happy to hear exactly what the Tea Party believes the United States stands for.

Sandy Boshkoff

Granite City

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