Let all parents help pay for education

December 22, 2013 

Obviously the never-ending cycle of raising taxes to pay for school district bailouts has left many homeowners wondering how they will pay their taxes.

For too long many parents without properties vote on these issues and have no liability when it comes to paying taxes. Property owners bear the responsibility of educating millions of children and parents without properties continue to get off the hook when it comes to paying their share for their children's free education.

I would propose that state legislators, school districts and property owners advocate a fee on all school children. A free education is not free, it comes at a cost to property owners.

We as citizens have to pay a fee to fish, hunt, drive, get on a flight, have a business, sell real estate, practice law and hundreds of other fees to prop up the tax-and-spend cycle that is essential to the Democrats' control of this state.

A $100 per child fee would be a good start. This small fee would not solve the pension crisis but it would definitely help with the taxing crisis that property owners face yearly.

If the government can force one to purchase automobile insurance and Obamacare, it can surely impose a fee on parents without property.

Kevin Sheridan

Fairview Heights

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