Holiday movies that go straight to your heart

News-DemocratDecember 23, 2013 

The Belleville News-Democrat asked readers about their favorite Christmas movies. From TV specials to animated children's movies and classic films, readers told the BND about their favorite holiday movies.

"It's a Wonderful Life," the 1946 black and white classic stars Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed.

"Because when I just happened to watch it late one week night years ago, I had not heard of it - and no preconceived notions -- so it stood on its own merit. The next morning I was telling everyone that this was the best movie I had ever watched. Frank Capra did a great job in the lessons of life that his story line purport."

-Ken Smith, of Collinsville

"It may be cliche, but it always reminds me that there is great joy in life and it is often just around the corner. If we keep on, we will turn the corner and find it!"

-Janet Schmidt, of Belleville

"White Christmas," the 1954 musical, stars Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye and Rosemary Clooney.

"My mom used to keep our son on our bowling night each week. They would watch "White Christmas" together often. My son could recite the whole script, and probably still can. He is now 33 and Mom has been gone for eight years now. This movie still holds a very special memory for me."

-Eliene Herderhorst, of Cahokia

"Opus and Bill: A Wish for Wings That Work," a 1991 animated special, features the voices of Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams.

"It appealed to me because you always hear people saying that you can be anything you want to be, but the truth is that sometimes you can't. Growing up the way and places that I did, I could not really be anything I wanted to be, at least without limits... Opus realized -- after he saved Santa's life -- that he didn't have to keep struggling to be something he is not, he just has to be exactly who he is and his friends would love him the same way... See, I feel wonderful just thinking about that movie."

-Gary McGill, of Shiloh

"Christmas in Connecticut," a 1945 classic, stars Barbara Stanwyck and Dennis Morgan.

"The scene at the dance where the horse gets loose and takes them on a moonlight ride through the snow of the Connecticut countryside is a Currier and Ives painting come to life. Nothing sexier than Dennis Morgan in a sailor suit, unless its Gene Kelly in a sailor suit. I'd like either in my Christmas stocking."

-Mag Wells

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