Vitriol hurts our nation

December 23, 2013 

I was appalled and shocked by the statements of Ron Davinroy in his letter Dec. 13. His list of what he considers offenses that would justify impeaching the president was laughable except he was serious, i.e, flaws in the implementation of Obamacare. I perhaps could have expected such a vitriolic outpouring from someone confined to an institution, but not from a normal, rationale citizen.

Davinroy then goes on to further vent his spleen by saying, "Obama is abusing the power of the presidency to force tax slavery and dictatorship on the American people." What total ridiculous nonsense. If Davinroy were to read our Constitution, he would find that the power to tax lies with Congress, not the president. Also, if Obama were imposing a "dictatorship" he would not be frustrated, as he is, because of the delays and obstinacy of the Congress. Unfortunately the letter contains other outrageous statements that do not stand the test of reason.

What worries me is that there are far too many Davinroys in our midst and the country is therefore polarized and dysfunctional as it never was before. Unless we are all willing to compromise and make sacrifices, I must remain pessimistic as to our future success as a nation.

Lee R. Pitzer


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