Photo of murderer rubbed salt in wound

December 23, 2013 

I was disheartened to see your insensitive handling of Mata Weber's recent letter concerning BND's repeated printing of the photo of convicted murderer DaQuan Barnes. On behalf of countless survivors of murder victims, Weber pleaded that you cease showing Barnes' smirking image in your paper. As if to add insult to injury you printed his picture, for at least the sixth time, adjacent to her letter.

I know Mata and she knows far more about murderers and survivors of those murdered than most people. Barnes' photo undoubtedly evokes the pain of not only the murder of Mata's daughter but the murders of the many loved ones that her organization, Parents of Murdered Child-ren, represent as well.

Some people are at least blessed to know that the perpetrators of these heinous crimes were identified, tried and subsequently received some level of justice from the legal system. Unfortunately, in the St. Louis area where less than 50 percent of murders are ever solved, many of us can only yearn for that kind of bittersweet closure.

Bill Malec