Wise investment? Hardly

December 24, 2013 

I read letter writer Calvin Doore's shining endorsement of former congressman Jerry Costello's latest assignment to secure Scott Air Force Base from future closings and save St. Clair County once again. Doore must believe that Costello is the county's latest super-hero.

Doore's endorsement of Costello as a wise investment is totally laughable. While Doore spent 20 years in the Air Force at various bases, we mere mortals here have seen Costello in action over the last 25 years.

I will agree with Doore on one thing: Jerry does know people. He knew enough people to secure his wife's employment at Southwestern Illinois College and knew enough people to get his son appointed to the Illinois House.

Obviously knowing a few people in St. Clair County was to Jerry's delight considering the $7,000 per month gift he will receive while singlehandedly saving our base and leaping SWIC in a single bound.

St. Clair County donated $50,000 to Costello's newest county-saving escapade and we taxpayers are on the hook for that.

Scott was not and is not in danger of closing. The individual who wrote the letter "No need for Costello" is much wiser than Doore.

Kevin Sheridan

Fairview Heights

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