All seems merry and bright

December 26, 2013 

Hard to believe there is any poverty when you see those long lines of people standing outside in the frigid weather before stores open, waiting to buy overpriced shoes, and the many others camping out, for days (in parking lots), just to get the latest release of a new, overpriced album or DVD or limited number of tickets -- for next year's sports.

All the merchandising hype on TV and the gleeful holiday songs that get shoppers clamoring for the newest, overpriced items that entices the children to think they just gotta have one. And how about the most expensive things for he/she to get "that special someone?" (You would think everyone has CEO incomes.)

Then you see all the homeless and unemployed, single parents and many people who lost everything to the rotten ways of politics and Wall Street; and the victims of disasters, both manmade and natural. And when you see/hear the pleas from charities and organizations for money, clothes, shoes, household items, food and money to help the truly needy ones (here and other countries ) the reality sets in.

There is no peace on earth or goodwill from/for all unless you happen to be one of that 1 percent who do have more than others and enjoy more than the rest -- or the lucky one-in-a-million who did win a lottery.

In spite of all of the above -- remember this is 2013, after all -- 2014 has to be better. Ya think?

Count your blessings and pray God (your choice) to right all the wrongs.

Happy New Year to all.

Elizabeth L. Hettick

East Carondelet

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