It's in giving that we receive

December 26, 2013 

One bright, sunny, slightly cold Monday, I ran downstairs to change the Christmas calendar like I did every day. All I wanted for Christmas was a Baby Alive and Wii games. I got dressed, brushed my hair and teeth and had a great day. But the next day changed everything.

It was a Tuesday. I was at to school, in art class. I told my friends, "I can't wait for Santa to come." Someone said, "Bethany, Santa isn't real. It's your parents. Everyone knows that." I argued, "He is real. It can't be your parents. No. Santa is real." This discussion went on all during art class. I seemed to be the only one who still believed in Santa.

After school, my mom came to pick me up and I told her what had happened. She said, "It's OK. They just don't understand the truth."

This discussion went on for days. My friends asked, "Do you think Santa can really travel the world in one night?" I said, "It's a secret. We're not supposed to know how he does it."

Finally, my mom said, "OK, Bethany, your dad and I buy the gifts. But Santa is real." I was so confused. She said, "Now you know the secret and you get to be Santa to others. You see, the secret is in the giving."

The next morning was bright and sunny and I felt like shopping.

Bethany L. Stauder


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