Keep it Christmas

December 26, 2013 

Merry Christmas. Let's reduce political correctness and stand up for our American heritage by saying, "Merry Christmas."

I am not a religious zealot, but I am tired of our country and even our local area bowing down to a small percentage of Grinches who don't approve of Christmas being celebrated as the birth of Christ. As I write I am watching TV news on the bombing of Christian churches and Christian areas in Syria and Iraq by fanatic Muslims. Earlier this month the same type of fanatics were doing the same to the Coptic Christian Orthodox churches in Egypt.

Yet what do we in America do? We suspend our beliefs to satisfy a small minority of complainers so we don't hurt their feelings. They need to be less offended and more tolerant of the customs in America.

Cities are reluctant to have a Nativity scene in public. Some schools across the nation have tried to limit what Christmas songs can be sung and if athletic teams can pray before a game. The ACLU is always on the watch.

Even here in O'Fallon, apparently the PC police reign. When was the last time you saw on our public schools' electronic signs Christmas or Easter break instead of winter and spring break respectively?

Yes, we allow freedom of religion to all, but this is still predominantly a Christian country and we need to continue to celebrate Christmas as our forefathers did.

For those who don't want to join in, fine, that's their privilege in this great country, but leave the rest of us alone.

Constantine Evgenides


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