First place in deceit

December 27, 2013 

President Obama won first place in 2013 for a series of the biggest lies told. Even ABC chimed in that he won this award fair and square -- not like his Noble Peace Prize for being elected the first black president.

His winning lies: You can keep your health insurance plan, period; you will get cheaper and better insurance; you can keep your doctors and your hospitals. They showed more than 15 speeches and news specials stating those truths.

Take a look at his approval ratings on honesty, the economy, health care, foreign policy, jobs and leading America in the right direction. Even the Democratic mainstream media has him at 60 percent or more failure rating.

The U.S. Senate and House and state Democrats are distancing themselves from him, Obamacare and other policies for fear of losing the 2014 elections.

Bob Dagner


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