Big Ten follies

December 27, 2013 

I watched the big battle between Ohio State (No. 2) with 24 wins in a row and Michigan State. I fell asleep when the score was 17-7 Michigan State in the first half.

When I awoke at 1 a.m. I made a trip to ESPN to find out how it turned out.

I watched for 45 minutes and all I got was the score and two commentators stating that Michigan State scored the last 17 points. No highlights?

I then gleaned that Ohio State led 24-17 in the middle but by the time it ended Michigan State had trounced them 34-24.

In my Sunday paper there was no report on the game, just a prediction about bowl games based on the results on Saturday.

At just after 9 a.m. I found the re-broadcast on some Big 10 network and I watched the entire game.

On Monday the newspaper only gave a box score of this game. The team ranked No. 2 was stomped and we don't get the pleasure to celebrate?

I suspect the Big 10 has contractual agreements with the rest of the media. They want to hog the audience on the rebroadcasts. Big deal. They may have rebroadcast it several times as I saw it was playing later again on Sunday.

William J. Sturm


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