Where are the details in Belleville Township?

December 28, 2013 

The Belleville Township Board consists of five voting members -- a supervisor and four trustees. During our most recent regular meeting, I recommended that our agenda, to be received not less than 48 hours in advance, should be accompanied by a packet containing details of any proposed spending. Currently, trustees are only informed of details during the meeting. This practice does not give time for research, well-thought-out decisions and informed voting.

As an example, regarding the recent approval of money for a District 201 greenhouse project, we may have asked, what is the expected completion date? If overall donations fall short and the project is not completed, how will our donation be used? Should we have stipulated that revised use of the money would require board approval or even return of the moneyfor availability to distribute to an alternative program, project or for General Assistance?

Being elected to perform the wishes of the constituents, I need to be provided ample time to consider agenda item details before casting my vote with confidence. I would hope that all members of your Township Board would agree that this would be best practice and should be adopted as protocol.

The public is encouraged to attend our bi-monthly meetings, the first and third Tuesdays at 3 p.m.

Joy Schreiber

Trustee, Belleville Township

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