And while they're cutting townships

December 28, 2013 

Dallas Cook's guest column in the BND last Sunday recommending we dissolve Bellville Township government was right on. It serves no purpose other than bolstering the Democratic control of St. Clair County. Six more elected officials in lock-step with the St. Clair County Democratic Machine, which is only second to Chicago's political machine in Cook County.

While were at it, let's do away with St. Clair Township; the village of Swansea overlaps much of the boundary that makes up that township. St. Clair Township is where three trustees voted on a budget without any details from Highway Commissioner Skip Kernan. This is the township where Kernan donated $3,000 of the township's money to Kernan's favorite charity.

The county is looking for funds to increase space at the jail; getting rid of these two townships would be a good start to free up some cash. Next we could take a good look at all the folks in the county who have part-time jobs and full-time health insurance and pension benefits.

William H. Bremen Sr.


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