Bare necessities for criminals

December 28, 2013 

What goes through the minds of the St. Clair County politicians? Now they want to increase taxes for a new jail.

They will bring it to the attention of the hard-working taxpayer by letting us vote on it. Maybe they should have done this before they hired a firm to draw blueprints for the new jail. This only means that it is a done deal regardless what we vote for.

If they don't do it, the feds will make them build a new one, the sheriff says. How about this: I'll save the entire county population some money and not charge you a dime. How about taking the gym and exercise areas and put concrete block walls up and install bars and gates? Problem solved.

The criminals in there should be locked up so they hate that place, then they wouldn't want to come back. That's what most of them do when you mention the word "job."

Bret Rasch


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