Quinn takes his pay after all

December 28, 2013 

Remember when our illustrious Gov. Pat Quinn vowed he and the lawmakers would go without pay until lawmakers approved an overhaul of the nearly $100 billion pension crisis. When I read that I thought great, they will receive no pay because they haven't done anything, which is how things should work. A lot of people believed his comments same as I did.

Now, I just read that, "legislators agreed on a plan earlier this month during a special session in Springfield and shortly afterward, Quinn collected five months of checks totaling more than $70,000. He'd let them pile up in the comptroller's office." Quinn said he majored in economics in college. I beg to differ with him. I believe he majored in deceit, mismanagement and lying.

We need to remember all of his lies and the lies of other elected officials when it comes election time. Short memories make for bad politics.

Al Bollinger


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