Terry Mackin: Not so deep thoughts about 2014

December 29, 2013 

The holidays are a time for deep, personal reflection.

Pause and ponder where you've been, where you're at, where you're heading.

I've learned a little about myself over the years. One lesson is that I'm fairly shallow when it comes to deep, personal reflection, particularly during the holidays. Sorry.Just don't have the time or attention span for many deep thoughts. Too many snacks, sports.

I'm still trying to figure some things out about myself. Why do I love ketchup but hate tomatoes? And why do my hands sweat immediately when I drive across a bridge? Why do I get a little teary-eyed sometimes during the National Anthem at Busch Stadium.

But I've learned a lot about myself, too. I'd rather ride than walk, eat than cook, listen than talk, drive than putt, swing than take, shoot than pass, laugh than cry, write than draw, love than hate, mulch than bag, add than subtract, cheer than boo, sway than dance, jog than run.

I'd rather roll than lift, glimpse than stare, hum than sing, apologize than regret,hop than skip, borrow than beg, shout than twist, tackle than block, fish than hunt, freeze than fry, couch than camp, stand than kneel, beshirts than skins, give than take.

I'd rather procrastinate than predict, which was evident as I tried to predict what's ahead of us in 2014:

* The economy will get better or worse, depending on who you are talking to and where you're at.

*I will become a bit peeved every time I pick up a dress shirt or suit jacket, check the size and read the words, "Slim Fit." Guys - what have we become? I grew up in the "husky" aisle at Sears. It wasn't complimentary but it wasn't weak, either. Only a matter of time before we men have our own "petite" and "plus" sections, too.

*Rams owner Stan Kroenke will not say, "I am happy with our domed stadium downtown just the way it is. I don't want my own stadium. Let's be honest -- I own enough real estate as it is."

*The St. Louis Cardinals will make the playoffs next season.

*Several times next year, I will write a column about the good old days when streets were safe and boys could be boys and you could ride your bike all day, and we drank from the garden hose, and well, you know the columns.

*I will probably write about my late mom and dad a few times, too. Mostly, I write about what I know, and I know I learned a lot from my parents.

*I will get electronically body scanned in an airport security line. Immediately I think I can hear someone giggling.

*I will try a new golf putter. No more three putts! Come spring, I'll three putt a lot. I'll blame my new putter.

*The Cubs will not win the 2014 World Series.

*Somewhere, sometime, I argue with someone that the 1970s produced the best music ever, of any decade. It's hard to find anyone not on my side, though.

*I have no idea who will win the Super Bowl at the Meadowlands in New Jersey. But I'm betting it's the last one played in an outdoor stadium on the East Coast. The weather will get more pregame hype than the halftime show by Pit Bull.

*It will snow heavily a few times this winter. I'll get nostalgic and sappy as I reminisce about the magical powers of a snow day when I was a kid.

*The Blues will make it further in the playoffs than last season. They make a big trade that works out well for them.

*I will run in one of those charity runs in 2014. Yes, this is the year. A promise to myself. I will ride my bike a lot more.

*Someone will compliment me about a column written by Pat Kuhl. Readers often confuse us. On Pat's behalf, I appreciate the kind words about Pat's weight loss and my new "skinny" photo in the paper.

*I will continue to write and type "2013" on all correspondence until at least spring 2014.

Here's a toast to 2014, and to hoping that if I don't win the lottery, you do.

Remember: We have to buy tickets to win, though.

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