What are you looking forward to in 2014?

December 29, 2013 

We talked to the 14 eighth-graders in Debbie Hoffrman's class at Cathedral Grade School and this is what they had to say. As a group, they look forward to a weekend field trip to Kansas City, gettiing to have lunch first the last week of school, and, depending on snow days, they hope to get out of school a few days ahead of their underclassmen.

"Football in high school. No, (I haven't played). I just like that it's aggressive. I'd like to be a wide receiver."

Christoff Dorsey, 13

"My brother (Alex) driving me for two years (to high school). He's forced to, so I can just pretty much annoy him. I'm going to Belleville East."

Jared Phillips, 13

"I am excited for high school band because I am going to be in it. I play alto sax and baritone sax. I've been playing about three or four years. I'm going to Belleville West. And for movies to come in 2014, especially 'Godzilla.' It is directed by Gareth Edwards. I've seen the trailer and am excited. It looks really good."

Robbie Stock, 13

"I can't wait to meet all the new people at high school. I would like to go to SLUH in St. Louis. It's going to be difficult getting up so early. I met a couple kids (when I visited). I know a couple kids who go there. I've seen the programs and they are really, really good."

Sam Eilerman, 14

"I am excited to play sports in high school, or try out, at least. I hope to try out for basketball and volleyball. Volleyball is probably my favorite. My sister did that, too, and so did my brothers. Our basketball team (St. Teresa's) was fourth place in a diocesan tournament.

Abigail Hobbs, 13

"I'm excited for new opportunities and experiences in high school. I'm going to Belleville East. Here, I like that I know everyone becuase it's so small."

Lindsey Bastian, 13

"Junior ROTC. It's like pre-military stuff. You can get a scholarship and go as an officer into the Army and get paid a lot. I'm going to Belleville West."

Will Luecking, 13

"I am looking forward to a bigger school and all the new people. I'm going to Althoff. My brothers and sister went there. I went to shadow my sister. I will miss knowing everybody."

Elizabeth Harla, 13

"I am excited to meet new people an to take different classes in high school. I'll be going to Belleville East. I'd like to take different languages and stuff. We do Spanish here."

Gabrielle Bobadilla, 13

At the start of the year, we talked to the 13 Cathedral kindergartners who were learning to count by 10. In first grade, they're dong mental math. They're learning about phonics, syllables, compound words and the secrets of the silent E. They're reading and doing creative writing.

"I was thrilled when they wrote one sentence,' said kindergarten teacher Denise Meile. "Now when I go by their room, they are writing a paragraph."

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