Real estate: What's your neighbor's house selling for?

December 29, 2013 

What is your neighbor's house selling for in St. Clair, Madison and Monroe Counties?



* 211 Abend St.; from Gregg Crawford; to Jon Reinhold; $300,000.

* 620 E. C St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Gregg Crawford; $63,500 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 105 Lake Forest Drive; from Eric De Wispelare and Jacqueline De Wispelare; to Gerald Thompson and Peggie Thompson; $130,000.

* 2685 London Lane; from Detimer Homes of Illinois LLC; to Mary Downing; $215,000.

* 2752 Autumn Harvest Lane; Nicola E. Adams and Jon T. Adams; to Ava J. Williams; $212,000.

* 1012 Shepherd Drive; from Robert W. Luther Jr. and Diane D. Campbell; to Beau B. Maeras; $71,500.

* 3902 Old Oak Lane; from Brian Woods; to Kent J. Breuer II; $151,000.

* 4009 Shirley Drive; from All Star Real Estate Solutions LLC; to Todd Harrell and Mary J. Harrell; $62,500.

* 122 S. 35th St.; from Michael Kraemer and Diane Kraemer; to John D. Rezabek; $43,000.

* 636 N. 38th St.; from Deborah Taylor; to William Neal; $34,000.

* 229 Kadlec Drive; from Terry Dean and Chong Dean; to Chelsea Delaruelle; $109,000.


* 215 Edwards St.; from Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Kenneth Drake; $15,500 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 809 Lunceford Road; from Jeffrey D. Barrett; to William Dixon; $85,000.

* 211 S. 5th St.; from Jay C. Godfrey and Rebecca M. Godfrey; to Joseph D. Arendell and Sarah J. Arendell; $76,000.


* 891 Wilshire Drive; from Michael Rutkowski, surviving joint tenant Betty Rutkowski; to Illinois Star Real Estate Solutions LLC; $38,000.

* 56 Potomac Drive; from Kelly M. White, guardian of the estate of Jacquelyn Meek; to Shayla L. Wiley; $95,000.

* 853 Harbor Woods Drive; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC; to Sharon Brown; $148,000.


* 16 Quail Point; from John J. Scinto Jr. and Stacy Scinto; to David G. Jokisch and Michelle R. Jokisch; $235,000.

* 601 Fallen Timber Lane; from Michael Ledbetter and Robin Ledbetter; to Brookfield Relocation; $129,000.

* 601 Fallen Timber Lane; from Brookfield Relocation; to Kelly Lynn Kirk; $129,000.


* 14 E. Mill St.; from Joseph A. Swierczek Jr.; to Kenneth L. Brown and Sherry A. Brown; $130,000.


* 304 N. Johnson St.; from Joseph Jansen; to Richard E. Fitzgerald; $105,000.


* 612 Della Court; from Mas Investments LLC; to Michael A. Williams; $87,500.


* 1001 Coneflower Court; from Christopher R. Miller and michelle B. Miller; to Kipkoech Chepkoit; $205,000.

* 1250 & 1254 Rutherford Ridge; from Mark Beehner; to Charles Poettker Living Trust; $275,000.

* 116 Carson Drive; from Lewis & Clark Habitat of Humanity; to Riah L. Haswell; $112,600 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 743 Lakepointe Centre; from Ronald L. Voelkel and Norma Voelkel; to Philip E. Kahlert and Mary Jo Kahlert; $208,000.

* 1012 W. Nixon Drive; from Daniel A. Wofford III; to Michael J. Damron; $84,000.

* 1 Wildwood Lane; from Lynn Ambuehl and Cari P. McKinney; to Holly Joseph; $172,000.

* 1011 Matthew Drive; from Rici V. Johnson and Deewynn C. Johnson; to Daniel A. Wofford; $145,500.


* 1602 Greenbriar Drive; from Ronald C. Dent, Carol D. Dent, Kyle L. Dent; to Warren D. Berry and Marie L. Berry; $255,000.


*102 Graner St.; from Patrick Bailey and Vanessa Bailey; to Jeremy A. Elmore and Jeanette K. Flake; $120,000.



* 3305 Franor St.; from James F. Weinmann; to James F. Weinmann and Tara M. Weinmann; $11,000.

* 3931 Hodge Lane; from Timothy E. Pruitt and Carla R. Pruitt; to Tracey Curtis; $160,000.

* 327 E. 12th St.; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Jennifer Wolfrom; $55,000.


* 110 McKinley St.; from Bank of New York; to Caroline G. Rushing; $65,500.

* 5506 Knecht Road; from Bruce W. Hawkins and Robert J. Knecht; to Paul M. Rose and Carmen M. Rose; $122,500.

* 2016 Belt Line Road; from Billie J. Schooley and Nanthan Tatum; to Bently R. Bruce; $100,000.


* 149 Reno Ave.; from William J. Kasten, Jana Kasten, Debra S. Ebbebrecht, Ross Ebbebrecht; to Zachary R. Carlton and Denna M. Carlton; $105,000.


* 10 Steinmeyer Woods; from Debra K. Zahalsky and Arthur C. Zahalsky; to Anne M. Fritze; $358,000.

* 411 Alderwood Court; from Gregory W. Odom II; to Sean P. Skelton and Stacy L. Skelton; $270,000.

* 3486 Manassas Drive; from David L. Fulbright and Kimberly S. Fulbright; to Brice A. Zickuhr and Tammei L. Baker; $280,000.

* 9015 N. Nine Drive; from Eagle Ridge Estates LLC; to Daniel W. Martin and Barbara M. Martin; $600,000.


* 448 Glen Crossing Road; from Craig K. Frazier and Diana S. Frazier; to Angelina Lowe; $141,000.

* 506 Trails Ridge Drive; from Sean P. Skelton and Stacy L. Skelton; to Steven Suddick; $150,000.


* 1026 Lexington Estates Drive; from Phyllis W. Hausman; to Richard L. Tindall and Cheryl S. Tindall; $155,000.

* 3210 Doral Drive; from Hector M. Hernandez and Paula J. Hernandez; to Carleson D. Pruitt and Diane M. Pruitt; $156,000.


* 2909 Saratoga St.; from Chelsey M. Johnson; to Nicholas Carroll and Tracy Carroll; $90,000.

* 2237 Terminal Ave.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Marilyn K. Browning and Bradley E. Browning; $56,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 2404 Roney Drive; from Tedd Geggus, David Geggus, Jane Geggus, Ruth Layton, Marilyn J. Geggus; to Anastassios J. Ziros and Susan J. Ziros; $100,000.


* 121 Ridge Drive; from James K. Crawford and Jessica D. Crawford; to Kevin D. Bernard and Sandra E. Bernard; $167,500.


* 6321 Oak Drive; from Tifmothy P. Mathias, Donald O. Mathias, Gloria J. Mathias; to Michael Sever and Angela Sever; $155,000.


* 6321 Oak Drive; from Ted R. Mettler, Patricia A. Mills, Violet E. Mettler; to John K. Lansford and Nicole L. Lansford; $85,000.


* 10547 Ellis Road; from Robert L. Herzing and Mary M. Herzing; to Todd Lindow; $146,000.


* 1964 Gliddan Blvd.; from Villas of Windsor Way LLC; to CMG Custom Construction LLC; $80,000.

* 313 S. Hickory St.; from Todd Lindow; to Cory A. Lindow; $40,000.

* 518 Bargraves Blvd.; fromf Linda M. Sprenger; to Kip D. Heinle; $90,000.

* 412 Bluebird Lane; from David McGrath and Kimberly McGrath; to Ryan L. Benham; $145,000.

* 8301 Castle Ridge Drive; from Jeffrey Spagna and Amber Spagna; to Brian L. Wood and Rebecca L. Wood; $30,000.


* 663 Leslie Ave.; from Lamoine E. Haynes and Helen R. Haynes; to John M. Gilbert and Norma J. Gilbert; $83,000.


* 148 Brook Road; from Michael Sever and Angela Sever; to James Self and Sandra Self; $260,000.



* 2 Spring Terrace Court; from Jason C. Galeski and Rebecca Galeski; to Adam J. Nelson and Kristin N. Nelson; $192,000.

* 1 Treeridge Drive; from Lisa D. Weller; to Mary L. Cartlidge and William G. Cartlidge; $152,000.

* 121 Cascade Drive; from Dennis H. Holloway; to Jan A. Courtney and Ronald E. Courtney; $147,500.

* 6 Justin Drive; from Christina Rudolf and Heinz P. Rudolf; to Richard H. Casson and Sharon K. Casson; $225,000.


* 422 Avington Drive; from Amy K. Grant and Barry P. Grant; to Lora L. Glowacki and Robert A. Glowacki; $320,000.

* 1125 Oakwood Lane; from Christine Eggemeyer, John Mormann, Michael Normann, Wayne Mormann, Sandra Wittenauer; to Brian Vinyard and Nicole Vinyard; $137,000.

* 5603 LL Road; from John W. Ahne, Independent Administrator to Karen M. Mavers, Deceased; to Jacqueline W. Allscheid and Melvin C. Allscheid; $155,000.

* 422 Sunset Drive; from Donna Eckrich, Trustee and Opal Eckrich; to Blake Novack and Laura Wise; $126,000.

* 105 Gardner St.; from Christopher M. Rahm and Tammy L. Rahn; to Susan L. Rahn; $96,000.

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