Blotter 12/30/13

December 30, 2013 

Friday, Dec. 27

Cassandra Manning, 48, 4700 Bunkhum Road, East St. Louis, arrested in connection with retail theft on Dec. 26 by Belleville police. Manning allegedly took possession of merchandise for sale at Walmart, 2608 Greenmount Commons Drive in Belleville, being assorted food and clothing, having a total retail value in excess of $300.

Antonio S. Sanders, 26, 102 W. State St. Apt. R, O'Fallon, arrested in connection with failure to register between Dec. 24 and Dec. 26 by O'Fallon police. Sanders, a sex offender, knowingly failed to notify register law enforcement agency of change of address in accordance with the provisions of the Sex Offender Registration Act with the O'Fallon police chief.

James L. Reid, 30, 4808 Sullivan Drive, Belleville, arrested in connection with theft, subsequent offense, and resisting a peace officer on Dec. 26 by O'Fallon police. Reid allegedly knowingly exerted unauthorized control over property of Dustin McGill, being an iPod, having a total value not in excess of $500. Reid had been previously convicted of armed robbery on Dec. 17, 2003. Reid knowing Nicholas Stewart to be a peace officer engaged in the execution of his official duties refused to comply with Stewart's command and he pushed Stewart and broke away from Stewart. The actions of Reid were the proximate cause of injury to Stewart's left middle finger and left knuckle.

Zachary A. Wasserzieher, 24, 1151 W. Apple St., Freeburg, arrested in connection with aggravated fleeing and driving under the influence of alcohol on Dec. 27 by Freeburg police. Wasserzieher, while operating a green 2007 Hyundai, was given a visual signal by police officer David Unverferth, who was in police uniform and driving an official police vehicle, directing him to bring the vehicle to a stop, allegedly willfully fled or attempted to elude the police officer. Wasserzieher allegedly drove a vehicle on West Apple in Freeburg under the influence of alcohol.

Saturday, Dec. 28

Derek McCaster, 45, 10 John Deshields, East St. Louis, was arrested in connection with burglary, forgery, and failure to report annually between Oct. 18 and Dec. 27 by St. Clair County Sheriff. McCaster allegedly entered into the building of Apollo Enterprises, located at 1005 Old Vincennes Trail in O'Fallon, with the intent to commit therein a theft. He also allegedly knowingly delivered Bank of America, located at 910 Talon Dr. in O'Fallon, a document apparently defrauding another, in that it was purported to have been made by another, to Tina Fisher, a check drawn from the account of Apollo Enterprises. McCaster, a sex offender, failed to register in accordance with the provisions of the Sex Offender Registration Act with the East St. Louis police chief where he was temporarily residing for a period of three days or more.

Monday, Dec. 30

Eric J. Dunn, 49, 525 Alby St., Alton, was arrested in connection with theft, subsequent, on Dec. 28 by Fairview Heights police. Dunn allegedly knowingly took possession of certain merchandise for sale at Macy's in Fairview Heights being three pairs of jeans and two boxer shorts, having a total retail value in excess of $300. Dunn was previously convicted of retail theft in St. Clair County on Dec. 8, 2011.

Preston Q. Young, 19, 508 Gray St., East St. Louis, was arrested in connection with felon in possession of a firearm on Dec. 28 by East St. Louis police. Young, a person who has been convicted of a felony under the law of the State of Illinois, knowingly possessed about his person a Black High Point 9mm.


Monday, Dec. 30

Carl A. Shaver, 32, 4159 Lake Drive, Granite City, arrested in connection with unlawful possession of a controlled substance (cocaine).

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