Double standards for welfare

December 31, 2013 

I try to respond to issues and not call anyone out personally, but I guess that won't work.

Someone calls me out for Tea Party criticism. Apparently we who disagree with them must ignore the virtual Tea Party slander I see daily without regard to what terms are used to denigrate the president.

I really wish writers who constantly wish to suggest that they know what the Constitution says and what it means would actually read it. It's very strong, but it is challenged regularly and the Supreme Court's job is to explain it.

All Americans want to stop waste and run an effective government. The Republicans do not have a monopoly on the right way to do it. My Republican friends want to gut "entitlements," which is they believe includes Medicare and Social Security. But they have no plans to stop subsidizing businesses like Big Oil or Big Timber. So we end up continuing to allow western ranchers to live in idyllic settings doing what they want, even if it is not cost- effective and they need cheap leases from the Bureau of Land Management to survive.

Big Timber needs government subsidies to clear-cut our forests and the U.S. Forest Service builds the roads they need so they can do it. We lose money on seven out of 10 land leases to timber companies. That's 70 percent of the time.

Sen. Ted Cruz says President Obama is his role model to get elected. The fog of war always has many casualties. If you don't know, I can't explain it.

Joseph M. Reichert


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