Either teach or resign

January 2, 2014 

Not many people envy Vivian Scott her job. Teaching eighth-graders in Cahokia has to be a tough job.

Still, if she wants to keep her job, she needs to get back to doing her job.

She said she fears for her life after a student threatened her on Sept. 13. If so, that's an extreme overreaction. The student didn't physically harm her. Scott said the student ran toward her but stopped two feet away. Obviously that wouldn't be pleasant, but it is difficult to believe that would keep a dedicated teacher away from a job she says she loves.

Listening to Scott, it seems that she's more upset with the school district's reaction to the threat than the threat itself. She wanted the district to expel the student or require that he be home-schooled. Instead he was suspended for 10 days and moved to a different classroom.

The punishment seems reasonable to us. How could the district justify more extreme measures when the student didn't touch Scott?

The district has given Scott until Jan. 23 to return to work or else lose her job. She should make her decision this week. Her students deserve the stability of a permanent teacher; they have been left in limbo long enough.

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