Future isn't always bright

January 2, 2014 

As we see a year go by and usher in a new one, it is well to look back on how outgoing and incoming years have been looked upon by certain prominent world leaders.

On Dec. 31, 1942, Adolph Hitler addressed a New Year proclamation to the German army. It featured the words, "It will be a difficult one, but certainly no more difficult than the past one."

A year later, Hitler issued a proclamation that said, "The year of 1942 brought us the heaviest setbacks."

It was hard to find fault with Hitler's summation of 1943. Germany was by then enduring sustained bombing on a round-the- clock scale. Africa had been lost to the Axis powers. Italy had surrendered and changed sides. German forces were on the retreat in Russia.

As for the new year ahead, all Hitler could see was a second front invasion from the west as Soviet forces continued to close in from the east.

Hitler's power was beginning to crumble with the new year ahead 70 years ago. Even with the dire situation he could see himself in at this time then, things were only going to get worse for the Nazi dictator.

Frank B. Austin


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