Belle Valley tax isn't as represented

January 2, 2014 

The Belle Valley School Board that approved the bond issue for the new school was either one of the most deceptive or business-deficient boards in the state. We were told, "Based upon a house of an assessed value of $100,000, this referendum will cost a taxpayer approximately 75 cents per day, less than a cup of coffee."

This is absolutely false. The 75-cents-a-day cost will increase each year and should end up costing us approximately $5.25 a day. This number may be higher or somewhat lower, depending on the district's growth. Over the last four years, the charge for the bonds has already increased by 75 percent to $1.30 per day. This is one of the reasons for the tax increase in your next tax bill.

Having a board that is political, secretive, exploitive, incompetent or deceptive is not what a school needs. Regrettably, this is a major problem at Belle Valley, and it doesn't appear the superintendent or even one board member is interested in cleaning it up.

Ted Farmer


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