Lessons learned on the job

January 2, 2014 

Once again as I pass by the construction where the old Venture store once stood -- and now thankfully it is now gone -- it makes me think of everyone involved in retailing.

Certainly your guidancecounselor who recommended you get into business management failed to tell you about the long hours, evenings and weekends as well as all the holidays you will be working.

Correct me if I am wrong, but these counselors work days, have weekends and holidays off, and basically work ninemonths a year.

Next time you areconsidering working for one of these places, don't make the 10-year mistake I made. (I worked for Venture in Fairview Heights.)

Get into something else or be prepared to "kiss up" to your store manager, take long breaks (as long as your supervisor is with you) and most of all, push the work off on someone else so you have more time to brown nose with the boss.

I did not do this, but it worked wonders for those who did.

Jim Preston


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