Look what got away

January 2, 2014 

Does it seem strange that Chrysler would spend $1.2 billion to build a new plant in Mexico when the company had two perfectly good plants in Fenton, Mo., two short years ago? They had a history of building the world-class Dodge trucks and Chrysler minivans.

Does it seem strange to you that the Missouri politicians agreed to have those plants torn down in the worse auto industry downturn in history, which impacted 43,000 tax-paying jobs in the St. Louis area? Why would you tear down those great plants before the auto industry had a chance to rebound? That was right after Chrysler spent $1 billion on each plant to upgrade the paint and powder shops and add new body shops in both plants.

Those plants were the state-of-the-art plants in the industry, so why were they in such a hurry to tear them down? Tearing them down guaranteed those jobs would never come back to St. Louis.

And now the governor wants to give Missouri tax dollars away to lure manufacturing jobs back to St. Louis. Where was he when he agreed to have the two world-class Chrysler plants torn down and sold for scrap? Where were the other politicians?

I wonder what those politicians think now that Chrysler built a new van plant in Mexico? Do you think they have any idea what they have done? Do you think they even care that they lost 43,000 tax- paying jobs in the St. Louis area for their decision to tear down those two beautiful plants in Fenton?

Joe Merriman


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