Broaden view of marriage

January 2, 2014 

Tim Buchanan's letter of Dec. 10 shows the usual, determined ignorance of the check-your-brains-at-the-church-door folks. Children are ordinarily raised by a mother and a father, but today they are often raised instead by grandparents or other relatives. Healthy, well-balanced adults are formed by healthy parents -- whether a mother and father, same-sex parents or some other relative.

So-called "Christian" businesses are once more trying to impose their beliefs on others. The photographer doesn't have to marry someone of the same sex -- simply, as a photographer, fulfill their contract to take professional-grade photos of some particular event. The same holds for any other professional. Heck, an elected official at any level should represent the views of her or his constituency -- whatever that official's personal belief.

Schools aren't being forced to teach anything. How ridiculous. And only that same ignorance would assume same-sex marriage is "more open to extramarital affairs."

But then, Buchanan obviously represents the people he professes to fear: those who want to use laws "to force their views on others." That is the tool of the Religious Right, not the thoughtful.

And just to burst that bubble he's blown: I'm a Christian, heterosexual woman, married to a very wonderful man.

Ginny Kiernan Dahlberg


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