by Melissa MasonJanuary 3, 2014 

I don’t like going to the dentist. Not even for a cleaning. Not even when my dentists (a husband and wife team) are wonderful, charming people. Recently when I heard the dreaded news that I needed a crown (due to a hairline fracture in a tooth), I was devastated.

I almost started hyperventilating just hearing it. I told Dr. Nina (with a look of panic on my face) I would need something to help me relax. She said she would prescribe something and I’d need a ride. Okay . . . When I picked up the prescription, my pharmacist asked “Do you have someone to drive you to the appointment?” Wow, this must be strong stuff! And . . . it was.

I almost fell asleep on the drive to the office, mid-conversation with John! Then he practically had to carry me into the office -- my legs were almost paralyzed! I had never taken Triazolam (a sedative that acts on your brain to produce a calming effect) before, but it works fast and is effective! I was still tense during the drilling (hate that!) but I was much more relaxed than normal.

At one point, John said “Slippery little suckers” and I looked at the hygienist and said (slurring my words) “She’s too young to get Pretty Woman references.” Later, when I asked him why he said that, he told me she had dropped the crown on the floor. Really? The crown that is now IN MY MOUTH?!

It’s no wonder I don’t like the dentist.

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