Much good in townships

January 3, 2014 

I would like to respond to the Dec. 26 editorial that called for the elimination of Belleville Township.

Townships have often been an easy target for criticism because many people fail to understand what we do and how we operate. Township officials across the state work tirelessly to provide essential services effectively and efficiently, and we often do it far under the radar.

A recent analysis by respected public policy researcher Wendell Cox discovered that smaller local governments have lower costs per capita than larger local governments. The argument that townships in Illinois are ineffective and costly is simply not true.

The role of townships is to focus on cutting costs and providing value for the money allocated. If the responsibilities of smaller governments, including townships, were transferred to larger governments, taxpayers would pay more because the larger governments have higher cost structures. This would certainly not be a step in the right direction for Illinois taxpayers.

Bryan E. Smith

Executive director

Township Officials of Illinois


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