Headed in the wrong direction

January 3, 2014 

Two new polls show most people unhappy with the direction of the countrty under current liberal leadership.

A Pew Reseaech survey shows that most Americans believe the United States is no longer the world power it used yo be.This doesn't mean we're losing confidence in ourselves, rather it's an indication that the progressive ideologies that have been foisted on the nation in recent years are wearing thin,

John Kennedy described America as a city on a hill, that enables us to set an example to the world demonstrating what free people can do.

President Reagan described the U.S. as special among the nations of the Earth; we have every right to dream heroic dreams

Meanwhile President Obama began his first term wth an apology tour of Europe and the Middle East that left al ot of us saddened and perplexed by the lack of pride he had in his own country.

John Schrand


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