Same story, different names

January 3, 2014 

Recently I read an article about a man who, because of his faith ,was trapped by his answer not being politically correct. Why make this issue except to trap a widely known man holding high ratings?

When approached about a touchy subject, his response was as natural as he was. He could have hidden what he believed to avoid the mess that followed, but he could only do and say what was natural to him. He was anything but politically correct or motivated.

Bold faith makes a dangerous man to liberal thinkers who believe in free speech or free expression of a belief only for the chosen few who follow their dictates. Anything adverse of their own confession is hate speech, yet they seem to be the ones who speak death in all forms of hateful scenarios. \Liberals are like lions waiting to pounce and devour. Who is this man surrounded by these lions, you ask? He is well-known and written in print everywhere.

No, not Phil Robertson. I was referring to Daniel in the Bible when the liberals trapped him and he was sent to the lion's den. However, if the shoe fits ...

Rebecca O'Connor

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