Steer clear of the GOP

January 3, 2014 

Right-wing letter writers have asked voters to elect a Republican Senate and return the do-nothing Republican House to power in 2014. Listed are reasons why no one, including Republicans, should vote Republican in 2014:

* Republicans are being controlled by Tea Party confederates who bullied them into shutting down the government and are still bullying them into submission.

* Republican leaders want a war so badly they could taste it. The minute Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham get word a war is brewing somewhere in the world, they take off like the Roadrunner, barely touching the waves as they skid breathlessly across oceans to meet with rebels who oppose their governments. If the Republicans win control in 2014, get your kids ready for war.

* Republicans want everything privatized, but when failure is at hand, they expect bailouts with taxpayers dollars.

* Many Republicans profess to worship Jesus Christ, who healed the afflicted, yet they detest President Obama for doing his utmost to provide health care for those afflicted now and in the future.

* Many Republicans claim to hate Obamacare because it is a form of socialism. They should prove this hatred by dropping their Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, which is also considered socialistic.

To the letter writers who assume Obama has been dumped by his supporters for his erring statements and the computer glitches: Rejoice not. History will record Barack Hussein Obama as one of the greatest presidents who ever lived.

Frankie Seaberry


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