Resale Royalty

Kathleen Kaiser - Contributing WriterJanuary 4, 2014 

When Sue McCarthy, owner of The Women’s Closet Exchange was young, she dreamed of living the world of high fashion. She quickly came to realize that the monetary funds needed to purchase high-end fashion just weren’t at her disposal. When it came time to marry the love-of-her-life, she knew she wanted a beautiful wedding gown, but couldn’t afford the price, so she found the dress of her dreams in a newspaper ad, and headed out to purchase it at a fraction of the cost it should have been - SWEET!

So, 25 years ago, as Sue’s family continued to grow, right along with her bargain hunting ways, she was taken aback by how consignment shops looked and felt. She would ask herself “Why do all these places have to be so dark, dingy and dirty?” Alas, if you want something done right, you might as well do it yourself - so she did - and started the Women’s Closet Exchange in South St. Louis.

Sue has taken her initial consignment shop - that was a whopping 300 square feet, with a couple employees and hardly any customers, and has changed it into a 4,000 square foot high end boutique - lovingly known as SAKS South- that carries names like Chanel, Gucci, Coach, Prada and many more. Sue shared “The whole reason why I created Women’s Closet Exchange so many years ago, was to make high-end fashion accessible for any women who wanted it, and now we have more Chanel than Saks 5th Avenue - now that’s saying something!” As the Women’s Closet Exchange has continued to grow, it has become “A family affair.” Sue’s daughter Laura, who ran The Purple Cow, a children’s & maternity consignment shop in the same complex as Women’s Closet Exchange, decided that it was time to head back to Women’s Closet Exchange to assist her mom with the Closet Buys. Hold onto your hats ladies - closet buys are when Laura and her team are invited into women’s homes to purchase high-end fashion apparel and accessories - some of the items have never even been worn - and they purchase them outright for the boutique. And all of the closets they explore aren’t necessarily right here in St. Louis. Sue & Laura travel to New York, to L.A., even to Paris to purchase items for the Women’s Closet Exchange. They also have access to famous clients, who graciously let them “invade their closets” to bring back treasures for the store.

Sue’s daughter Diana, whose previous career was in the travel industry, wanted to make a career change about 6 years ago too, so Sue decided to make her an offer she couldn’t refuse, making her the Marketing Director for the Women’s Closet Exchange, The Purple Cow & Clique. Diane’s background in travel has come in handy too, as she orchestrates “Shopping Adventures” for the Women’s Closet Exchange through her travel and excursion company The Shopping Company, which specializes in distinctive shopping excursions for groups and individuals. Six to seven times a year, Diana and her team, including her personal assistant Jourdan, take shoppers on boutique and resale shopping tours in fashion mega places like New York City, Scottsdale Arizona and Dallas Texas, as well as resale bus tours monthly here in St. Louis (for more information on these tours, please visit

With all of this fashion buying frenzy and world traveling going on, you would think these ladies would have enough on their plates - but, you know the old adage - if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it - well it definitely fits in the lives of these globe-trotting women, as they embarked upon a new adventure for the Women’s Closet Exchange last season - Reality TV.

NBC picked up a new reality series for the Style Network fondly named Resale Royalty! Each week you could see these incredible women working away - doing what they do best - bringing the Women’s Closet Exchange to life. “My son-in-law, Jon Maurice, would be around here and say to us - “This place, and all of you working together, would make a fantastic reality show,” Sue said. “Jon is a partner in NoCoast Originals, so he concepted and produced a sizzler, in conjunction with Coolfire Originals, of what a reality show of Women’s Closet Exchange might look like. He then pitched it to Rachel Zoe, American fashion stylist of celebrities and star of The Rachel Zoe Project; she absolutely loved it, and decided to sign on as Executive Producer of the show. NBC decided they loved the whole concept too - and turned the sizzler, and us, into Resale Royalty. This whole process has been too exciting for words. For 16 weeks we filmed what we do at the Women’s Closet Exchange - from the closet buys, to putting merchandise into the store, to the trials and tribulations of all of us working together - it was all put out there for the viewers to see. We have received incredible feedback from everyone involved, and doing the show was so much fun! Bringing the viewers from all over the country to our little neck of the woods here in St. Louis is exciting too! The show has given us the opportunity to show the world that we are more than just a resale shop. We provide women the opportunity to live the world of high fashion that might not be able to afford it without us. It has also provided us with the opportunity to give back to the women in our community. Each year we provide makeovers for women who are changing their lives for the better, and we love being a part of this process. It is truly a fantastic feeling knowing we are changing lives, and allowing ladies to live their dreams, and Resale Royalty has provided even more exposure for us and what we do here.” As Sue and her daughters Laura and Diana are waiting to see if Resale Royalty will be picked up for another season, they continue to hit the road to make sure that only the best is available for their customers whenever they visit the Women’s Closet Exchange.

The Women’s Closet Exchange is located at 11575 Gravois Rd, St. Louis MO, 63126. For more information,

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