Real estate: What are homes selling for in your neighborhood?

January 5, 2014 

What your neighbor's house is selling for in St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties.



* 321 N. 8th St.; from Beverly J. Heidrich; to Daniel Beckard; $49,500.

* 15 S. 12th St.; from Rosco Investments LLC; to Jeremy Underwood; $43,000.

* 301 Whitehall Court; from Constance J. Clark and William J. Clark; to Kay C. Harriman; $59,000.

* 2305 Fairview Circle; from Paula Mae Veal; to Christian W. Jalbert; $52,000.

* 3124 Roland Ave.; from Dennis P. Schneck; to Johnathan Tyler and Lisa Loesche; $15,000.

* 2008 E. Main St.; from Loretta M. Berne and Cheryl Largent; to Piney Ridge Properties LLC; $52,000.

*2021 W. A St.; from Carolyn Harrington and Robert Harrington; to John P. Jorns and Judith A. Jorns; $45,400.


* 424 Chaudet Ave.; from People's National Bank; to Gary W. Traylor Sr.; $9,000.


* 10 Sharon Drive; from U.S. Bank; to Mark R. Hammerel; $12,500.

* 421 S. Main St.; from Chad Michael; to Nafi Alimi and Zimrije Rusani; $187,500.

* 8809 Sterling Place; from Roy N. Jones Sr.; to Sade Investments LLC; 28,500.


* 22 N. Crown Drive; from Ryan J. Johnson; to Danielle Herbert; $120,000.


* 1508 Columbia Road; from Jessica Pashia; to Nicholas J. Daminski and Melissa V. Daminski; $118,000.

* 444 Edwin Drive; from C.A. Jones Inc.; to Sandra S. Ferrell and Danny L. Ferrell; $113,000.

* 303 Louisa Ave.; from The Dorothy E. Kremmel Living Trust; to Francis M. Marks and Lisa J. Marks; $52,500.


* 210 Elizabeth Ave.; from Christopher J. Joellenbeck; to Chad A. Thompson and Regina K. Thompson; $23,000.

* 722 S. 7th St.; from Danny L. Ferrell and Sandra S. Ferrell; to Owin B. Williams and Jessica Williams, $139,500.


* 7 Carol Lee, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Lindsay N. Witcher; $80,046 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 29 Circle Drive; from Scott Jacob; to Jessica Arnett; $110,000.

* 740 Willow Spring Hill Drive; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois; to Tracy Nicholas; $182,000.

* 849 Harbor Woods Drive; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois; to Carri Haertling; $151,500.

* 931 HollidayDrive; from John Hardiman and Crystal Hardiman; to Roger Barber and Jamie Barber; $195,000.

* 3961 Highland Road; from Kris Bell, Timothy Kearns, Thomas Kearns; to James Thompson and Helen Thompson; $66,000.


* 12 S. Walnut St.; from Prairie State Properties LLC; to Janet Crews; $25,500.

* 406 N. Main St.; from We Lim; to TSG Investments LLC; $40,500.


* 900 Scott Troy Road; from Joseph E. Sexton and Betty Sexton; to Richard E. Stone and Myra D. Stone; $265,000.


* 110 Lear Lane; from New Tradition Homes LLC; to Jason L. Trussell and Jennifer R. Trussell; $250,000.

* 9652 Winchester St.; from Patrick Miller and Michelle Miller; to Kevin Caber and Angelia Caber; $267,500.


* 509 Ingleside Lane; from First County Bank; to Jeffrey D. Haynes and Shelly D. Haynes; $335,000.

* 1209 Seward Drive; from Charlotte L. Rubush and James Michael Rubush; to Alan S. Dow; $199,000.

* 530 Juniper Drive; from Kendall S. Coleman and Barbara A. Coleman; to Jose M. Quirarte and Erin J. Quirarte; $207,000.

* 433 Fairwood Hills Road; from Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Christopher H. Casey; $134,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 916 Sturbridge Trail; from McBride Stone Briar LLC; to Ryan Duncan and Mallory Duncan; $257,500.

* 746 Michael St.; from Heather Brooks; to Jose Gonzalez; $124,000.


* 2743 Cheyenne Wells Drive; from Fulford Construction Inc.; to Melissa McMullen; $209,500.


* 5119 White Oak Drive; from Keith L. Bastian and Twila J. Bastian; to Daniel J. Hellinger and Jennifer D. Hellinger; $358,000.

* 525 White Stone Lane; from Richard Phillips and Cheryl Phillips; to Joseph Grau and Brooke E. Vernier; $160,000.


* 301 Boeshenz St.; from Erlo D. Helfrich; to Karl Poehlmann and Kimberly Poehlmann; $106,000.


* 318 Goldenrod Lane; from Stanley R. Phillips and Carol Phillips; to Zachary Stegman and Kimberly Stegman; $122,000.

* 620 Leighigh Drive; from Laurel A. Schanot; to David W. McGhee and Tara L. Beaty; $170,000.

* 320 Lake Lorraine Drive; from Park Real Estate LLC; to Robert J. Dyer and Sarah M. Dyer; $250,000.



* 6180 Ullman Lane; from GAry S. Scout and Linda S. Scout; to Maury Bingham and Randolph M. Bingham; $189,000.


* 3007 Fernwood Ave.; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Joshua L. Gross; $28,500.

* 600 Douglas Place; from Elisa I. Duran; to Thomas C. Buttry; $95,000.

* 2363 Briarcliff Drive; from Catherine M. Platto and Walter M. Platto; to Frances S. Richards and Stephen C. Richards; $138,000.


* 4755 E. Golike Lane; from Lillan M. Spencer and Larry R. Spencer; to David C. Feuerhak and Darra J. Feuerhak; $191,000.

* 116 Walnut Ridge Drive; from Marbus Realty LLC; to Kathleen L. Myers; $131,000.


* 1220 Cedar Ridge Court; from Robert E. Odell and Lori W. Odell; to James M. May and Nicole May; $144,000.

* 511 Meadow Lane; from Kermit D. Green, Rhonda A. Green, Carson G. Green; to Steven R. Rommerskirchen; $336,500.

* 140 W. Park Ave.; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to KJK Enterprises Inc.; $32,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

709 Dolphin Drive; from Homefront Properties LLC; to Andrew R. Hawkins and Kelly Hawkins; $206,000.


* 215 Old Bethalto Road; from Common Cents Homes LLC; to Dezina Snyder; $63,000.


* 1312 Randle St.; from Nathan E. Brown and Ginnifer Brown; to Jesse L. Elmore and Catherine R. Elmore; $162,500.

* 5753 N. State Route 159; from Harry M. Glass; to Robert Dudley and April Dudley; $40,000.

* 808 Meade Ave.; from Joshua G. Rentfrow and Sara E. Rentfrow; to Shawn S. Catron; $245,000.


* 123 & 127 Windover Point; from Spencer Homes LLC; to Chad A. Tobin and Emily A. Tobin; $603,500.

* 108 Bayridge Court; from Bill E. Beltz and Shirley E. Beltz; to Hoa Van Thai; $161,000.


* 2612 Mariana Drive; from Timothy Coughlin and Tamara Coughlin; to Aaron Elson and Ketschen Hampsey; $113,000.


* 43 Shirlwin Drive; from Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Dustin Campbell and Julia Campbell; $120,000.

* 50 Terry Court; from Ruth T. Wania, Maureen K. Wania, Edward L. Wania; to Timothy P. Young Jr. and Andrea L. Young; $105,000.


* 13060 Michael Road; from Jeffrey M. Sherman and Joann M. Sherman; to Bernard Rittenhouse and Marjorie Rittenhouse; $250,000.

* 5 Kay Drive; from Charles Lawson and Cassandra Lawson; to Eric Tritsch and Rachel Tritsch; $142,518 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 35 Geneva Drive; from Dustin S. Pranger; to Kurt E. Kessler and Whitney N. Kessler; $117,000.

* 13442 Wildlife Trail; from Feldmann Homes Inc.; to Brian S. Friederich and Robyn M. Friederich; $279,000.


* 533 Pheasant Lane; from Patricia A. Becker; to Christy Schilling; $108,000.


* 113 N. 7th St.; from Stacey Savidge; to Jeremy S. Loy and Elizabeth V. Loy; $104,000.


* 8420 Country Lane; from Thomas Thompson Jr. and Tyann Thompson; to Thomas D. Halbrook and Judy D. Halbrook; $162,500.

* 27 Claybrook Court; from Askew Homes Inc.; to James A. Egizil and Patricia A. Egizil; $215,000.



* 571 Wernings Drive; from Monroe Homes Inc.; to Crystal A. Chandler and Robert Chandler; $269,500.

* 9416 Booster Station Road; from Mary L. Nottmeier, Trustee; to Christopher A. Kalbfleisch and Melissa B. Kalbfleisch; $60,400.


* 827 Sheridan Lane; from C.A. Jones Inc.; to Judith R. Herigodt; $187,000.

* 1032 W. Fallen Lake; from David T. Hoffman, Roxanna M. Hoffman, POA, Wilbert Kohlmeir, Jeff Stiening; to Jeffrey S. Stiening and Shannon M. Stiening; $188,000.

* 1516 Rose Lane; from Silvercreek Crossing LLC; to Chad Knefelkamp and Michelle Knefelkamp; $216,000.

* 1113 Driftwood Lane; from Vogt Builders Inc.; to Dennis N. Jones II and Lauren P. Jones; $189,500.

* 12 David St.; from State Bank of Waterloo; to Andrea V. Tutor; $153,000.

* 481 Mary Drive; from Julie C. Fickas and Rodney E. Fickas; to Shawn P. McFadden and Stephanie A. McFadden; $173,794.

* 1221 Sherwood Lane; from C A Jones Inc.; to Jennifer L. Hanks and Joshua M. Hanks; $237,500.

* 603-606 Sunset Lane; from David E. Miller and Kyle D. Miller; to JRB Property Investments Inc.; $885,000.

* 962 Country Club Lane; from Carolyn Needles and James J. Needles; to Angela M. Paisley and Anthony A. Paisley; $328,500.

* 4328 Kaskaskia Road; from Joyce Kluge and William Kluge; to Nicholas J. Heimos; $76,000.

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