Code for socialized medicine

January 5, 2014 

Letter writer Michael Ray Dillier keeps referring to "a single payer" medical system. "Single payer" is just a liberal attempt to hide what is just socialized medicine, with the single payer being the U.S. government.

And what's all this jazz Dillier writes about if the Republicans would have cooperated we would have socialized medicine? Any Republican who voted for socialized medicine would have ended up out on the streets in the next election, which is where many of the Democrats who voted for Obamacare are going to be.

President Obama had a Democratic majority in both houses in his first two years. They could have passed anything they wanted. They chose not to enact a socialized medicine law because they would have faced an American revolution. Socialized medicine is a total failure in most countries in Europe and is the primary cause of many of them going bankrupt.

Democrats chose instead to pass Obamacare, which is detested by a majority of Americans.

One of the provisions of socialized medicine is the establishing of a government committee, which determines who gets medical care and who doesn't. Dillier should be careful of what he wishes for since he is approaching the age at which he could be "rationed" out of health care and end up prematurely in a box with handles.

Leon Anderson


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