When you mess in your own nest

January 6, 2014 

We recently reported on what may be a major case of affluenza -- you know, the disease in which affluence or lack thereof makes you sick. Might be a criminal defense somewhere in there.

Two Edwardsville sisters were handed a fancy house in a fancy subdivision by their parents' trust. What did these entitled youngsters do in the land of $1 million homes? They partied.

Well, in the land of $1 million homes you can't expect the neighbors to put up with your fast times and drug dealing. The sisters now face meth charges.

Sad, but out of this comes a solid move by Madison County State's Attorney Tom Gibbons: "This is the kind of thing we might not have gone after in the past because it's tricky with the land trust, but we are going to take away the assets used."

Now there's a cure for affluenza.

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