Sound-off 1/6/14

January 6, 2014 

Birds of a feather

A&E is bringing back Duck Dynasty. Guess what? The majority of people who live by God's rules won. We all have to tolerate everybody. You don't have to be in somebody's face about something just because you don't agree with it. If you read the Bible it says in there that homosexuality is a sin and it is. Get over it.

It's not acceptable

All Democratic liberal politicians think that homosexuality is acceptable and gay marriage is acceptable and they are teaching kids in school now that homosexuality is acceptable. Now in school they can teach how two homosexual males or homosexual women have sex. What's next?

We say Missou-Rah

Read your editorial about moving out of Illinois. We moved out of Illinois and now live in Missouri where the government is honest. We don't have the corruption that is going on in Illinois. Everything is fair, my real estate taxes are one-third less than Illinois on a house of the same value. My license plates are a lot cheaper, my homeowners insurance in cheaper, my car insurance is cheaper, and my gas is .50 cents less a gallon. Who in the world wants to stay in Illinois?

Change constitution

With the lawsuits being bantered about over state pensions, some of it is referred to as violations of the state constitution. Why is it always bantering back and forth about what is appropriate from the one point of the constitution versus another? The solution is to issue referendums and amend the state Constitution. Amend it, lawmakers. Take measures.

Jail swap could fly

Here's a suggestion for the voters in St. Clair County. The referendum being proposed to increase the sales tax for a new county jail: Vote it down. Let's look at another suggestion. Why doesn't the county build a new jail? Belleville needs a new jail. Why doesn't Belleville buy the old county jail and if it's too big they can sublease it out to hold federal prisoners or sublet it out for the smaller communities. Why doesn't the county use the money they frittered away on MidAmerica Airport? Mark Kern, get your head out of your butt and quit frittering away the taxpayers money.

Cover ESL tournament

Your sports writers should print something about the East St. Louis tournament games. All other schools were covered. Why not ours? Change your attitude.

What about Big 10?

I, too, have urged the BND to cover Big 10 football. You'd never believe the Big 10 has two prominent universities, the University of Illinois and Northwestern University, in our state and they are all Big 10 football. Hopefully the sports department will make a News Years resolution to do better.

Slamming the GOP

Chuck Beckman slamming the Republican congress is exactly what's wrong with politics today. Beckman already knows the answers before the questions are asked: The Republicans are the problem. The problem is people like Beckman. He blames those who vote for Republicans blindly. But Beckman obviously votes for Democrats blindly. Our Republican-led congress passed a budget for the first time since President Obama has been president. The senate finally had to do something about a budget because they were forced to.

Censoring my facts

I'm getting disgusted with the editors of the BND website. I find it odd that I make a post commenting on supposedly how well St. Clair County is doing, and find statistics that show they are not doing well. Is the BND afraid of the fact that East St. Louis is considered the most deadly town in the United States? The fact that St. Clair County's unemployment rate is 2 percent higher than the national average? How many politicians care nothing about the voters, but only about what they can do for their friends and families. I'm really upset that we have a left-sided or right-sided editing editor for your online page for making replies. If you don't agree with what they have to say, your post is going to be deleted. It's a shame there's only one newspaper in the town because you can get away with anything. Your paper is one-sided. Afraid of honest criticism?

One-way road for gas

Oil price dropped about $3 a barrel today. If it went up $3 a barrel, gas prices would go up 20 cents a gallon overnight. How long will it take the thieving gas station companies to actually lower their price for gasoline?

Equipment clipped?

What happened to all of the mowing equipment at the Canteen Levee District? All of the equipment that was purchased by the now mayor of Caseyville when he was in charge of the levee district is gone. Thousands and thousands of taxpayer dollars were spent on big mowers, tractors, trimmers, and now everything suddenly disappears. Why don't the authorities look into this?

When more is not less

At a luncheon I heard a retired serviceman say his salary will be cut. But I have yet to see that he is going to get less. They didn't cut any money, they cut only the rate of growth of the money.

Anyone but Canty

A recent article claiming that certain trustees in Caseyville Township were backed by the Democratic Party is nothing but a poor attempt to wrongly inform people of misguided facts. For one thing, I know for a fact that Richard Donovan never asked for, nor accepted any party help whatsoever. Although he is a proud Democrat and probably always will be, he ran his own campaign and never accepted one cent from anyone. Problem is, Canty to this day cannot accept the fact that Donovan is on the board. Canty has lost his board advantage and hates to see that he can no longer get whatever he wants. I think Caseyville Township is long overdue for a new supervisor.

Is there a jail in store?

In reference to increasing the St. Clair County jail's capacity, I thought it would be good to use the old abandoned east Belleville Walmart building. However, I realized that wouldn't work, because the ceiling would not be tall enough for two basketball courts.

Middle class ignored

Need more evidence that Obama doesn't care about the middle class, except for their votes? Just look at our economy. Unemployment barely ticking down, also no jobs out there for anyone. But stock market, highest gain ever. What's that tell you? He's there for the big man, the large corporations and the rich. Middle man can just fend for himself. That's Obama for you.

Freeburg be-leafs

We really have some smart people running the city of Freeburg. First they spend all the money defending the crooked cops and then they let the leaves lay out in the ditches so they can go down in the sewers and then they have the sewers all messed up and then they have to hire a sewer truck anyway, instead of hiring a leaf truck to pick up the leaves in the first place.

Buffet for Belleville

Question for Belleville: How come we can't have a Cracker Barrel Restaurant or Golden Corral? Do something different besides a coffee shop. How about the old Amarillo Tex's sitting idle?

Unemployed student

A recent Channel 4 news report interviewed a lady about the issue of not receiving an extension of her unemployment benefits. The point being that this woman said she would have to forgo taking additional education classes in order to extend her search for a job. I'd like to know what she's doing going to school on unemployment benefits? They showed her updating her resume so she could get out and look for a job. I thought the unemployment benefits were suppose to be used to tide you over while searching for a job? This woman was going to school. She should be reported.

Our taxes for charity

First St. Clair Township road district donated $3,000 in tax money to a nonprofit organization. Then Belleville Township donated tax money to School District 201 for a greenhouse. The elected officials in these two townships are out of control and need to be stopped.

Taxes gone to dogs

Robert Trentman, County Board District 14 representative, is certainly full of the Christmas spirit, condemning John Frazier to spend time in a cage and wishing him to spend time on the street with no food or water. The issues bought by Frazier are whether John "Skip" Kernan had a legal right to donate the tax money collected for transportation and roadway purposes to the Humane Society. The answer is "no." The state statute clearly defines the use of highway funds. Kernan has a long history of spending other people's money for his own political gain. State records show he spent most of the money he collected for his campaign fund on golf outings and political fundraisers for other candidates. Question? Has John "Skip" Kernan ever donated his own money to charity? With the greedy and self-serving acts he has committed in public I would guess that answer is also "no."

Dislike for tea party

I think Joe Reichert is confused between the tea party and the Republicans. If he would note the Republican Party establishment does not like the tea party. And the reason being, they are after everyone's sacred cows. They don't like big government spending money on entitlements and welfare programs for corporations, big farms, and anyone period. They want our money spent wisely. As for him saying Social Security and Medicare are entitlements we pay into, if most people check they will find they don't pay in what they get out. They pay in far less. If these programs are not reworked, they won't be there for anyone.

Military retiree math

After my first week of working I got a 2 percent increase, the next year I got another 2 percent pay increase. This year I didn't get a pay increase. If I were retired military, or in government, I could say then that I had money taken away just because I didn't get a pay increase. That's what the retired military people are doing. They didn't get a cut in pay.

Teetering on broke?

I see the happy people ringing the bells in Belleville. Let's ask the question as taxpayers: How solvent is the city? Are we just teetering on broke?

Kay's KO bill a winner

Good to see state Rep. Dwight Kay of Glen Carbon introducing the Knock Out Assault Prevention Act. He is acting proactively just like he has by supporting proposals encouraging companies not to flee Illinois for Missouri or any other states.

Sympathy for teacher

I read your editorial about the teacher who feels threatened by the student. Years ago there was a neighbor of ours who was a teacher in an area school district who was involved in breaking up a fight and he was injured. The school board and administration did not support him and he was injured and had no support. He ended up hanging himself on his deck due to emotions erupting from this incident. Do you want her to do the same thing?

McCall's two salaries

In the Jan. 3 paper, Curtis McCall is listed as getting paid $80,000 a year as Centreville Township supervisor and $25,000 by Cahokia Commonfields Water. That's $105,000 a year. How does he have time to work both jobs? Sounds like another Democratic, St. Clair County foul up. Come on, Brendan Kelley, lets' fire him from both jobs.

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