Tragedy leads to hope for two dogs

News-DemocratJanuary 6, 2014 

The vortex of turmoil and heartbreak caused when John Fath Sr. of Belleville was shot to death Nov. 30 not only affected a lot of human beings, it swept up a couple of family dogs as well.

In the confusion, the two dogs, Shadow, a small Benji-type mixed breed, and Bear Bear, a German shepherd, spent time shut in the home's bathroom and in animal control before Cynthia Maue of Belleville could rescue them.

She just found a foster home for Bear Bear and now is trying to help Shadow.

Police said Fath was shot and killed by an acquaintance of his son. The house became a crime scene and the dogs couldn't be left to roam through the mess. They had to be corralled in the bathroom, Maue said.

Despite the house being off-limits, someone thought of them and slipped in to care for them, she said. But after a couple of days the dogs were taken to an animal shelter.

Maue found out about it and was able to rescue them. But she said Fath's wife, Myra, can't take care of them at the moment.

She is looking for a place to live where she can have them, but hasn't found it yet. So the dogs need a place to stay for a couple of months.

Maue thought it would be harder to place Bear Bear because he is a big dog, but a neighbor volunteered. In her effort, Maue even dropped off a cute letter to the editor at the newspaper, writing as Bear Bear making a late Christmas wish to Santa Claus for a foster home.

With the bigger dog out of the way, now she needs a foster home for the smaller dog Shadow. Maue said she currently has a rescued pit bull in her home who is sweet but unpredictable. She would prefer that Shadow have a more stable foster home.

If you can provide a foster home for Shadow, call Maue at 398-2931.

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