Some bazaar thoughts

January 7, 2014 

After reading your Tuesday view on what I see as the "Mascoutah Bazaar" joke, several things crossed my mind:

First, does it appear to anyone but me that 184 Ralston Purina employees, housed in the building in question, weren't as important as the potential 200 people this market would later support?

Second, Mascoutah's city council had no issue with Hossein Shahpari spending $2 million on an empty building, then later telling him "no" to his plans, those they had obviously agreed upon?

Third, what does Mark Kern think he's doing, again, overstepping his authority in "persuading' a church to step away from plans for the same site?

This message is crystal clear: "There will be no 'unauthorized' (multi-ethnic, church or other) doings in my district, unless I approve!" Oh, and in case you weren't thinking about it, the flight path in question also passes through the area's largest "Farmer's Market" (we know it as Mid-America Airport), Kern's sacred cow. Don't worry, sir, if a plane would fall on that property, it's likely very few would get hurt.

Thom Whittey


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