Reports: Reds pessimistic of signing Bailey to a long term deal

Posted on January 7, 2014 

The Cincinnati Reds haven't been able to do much to add to their team this off-season thanks to a small budget stuffed with the large contracts of Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto.

According to an story, the Reds might not even be able to keep the players they currently have together.

Joecketty said the club has tried to engage starting pitcher Homer Bailey in contract extension negotiations. But the 27-year-old hurler doesn't seem to interested in offering a hometown discount.

Bailey, 49-45 with a 4.25 earned run average over seven seasons, apparently a $100 million plus contract similar to the deal that Adam Wainwright signed with the St. Louis Cardinals last spring.

A strikeout pitcher with 199 whiffs to his credit last year compared to 54 walks over 209 innings, Bailey hasn't been able to translate his stuff into wins for Cincinnati. He's only notched double digit victories twice, winning 11 last season against 12 losses and compiling a career best 13-10 season the year before.

I'd be happy to see the Reds sign a player to another financially paralyzing contract. But I hope that it can't get out from under the ones the team has already passed out, especially the one to Phillips.

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