Shine a light on factory farming

January 9, 2014 

A recent BND article concerning traditional agriculture and factory farming practices should be the first in a series of articles exposing the truth about the hellish practices of factory farming. The article mentions the overuse of hormones and antibiotics given to farm animals, then sheds a very dim light on the truth behind the reality of the inhumane treatment of animals being kept in factory farms.

To shine the spotlight and know the glaring truth of factory farming practices, visit The Humane Society of the United States of America's website at, or The Animal Legal Defense Fund at to enlighten yourself about the torture that innocent animals must endure during their short lives. Gestational crates are just one of the many inhumane treatments used on factory farms. Animals can't even move in these crates, and often go insane due to this type of treatment.

The hog farmers saying that the crates are important to keep pigs safe is beyond credibility, and I would challenge any of those farmers to endure this type of confinement for just one day and then see what they think of gestational crates.

These gestational crates, as well as other factory farming practices, are beyond inhumane for any creature, and strict laws need to be passed to outlaw them.

Sindy Smith-Kubitschek


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