Local NAACP goes rogue

January 9, 2014 

Madison County needs to have two viable political parties. That will be difficult to achieve because some members of the dominant political party finance and encourage a rogue civil rights group to discredit opposing candidates.

The rogue group speciously claims to act under the aegis of an esteemed civil rights organization. They vilify and tarnish opposition candidates, often with totally unsubstantiated accusations.

The rogue civil rights group uses the name of the venerated NAACP, which gives them credibility to seriously damage the character and reputation of targeted individuals. Unlike the highly regarded NAACP, the rogue civil rights group promotes hatred and animus. They have made a mockery of the once meaningful civil rights demonstrations and marches.

Their pusillanimous personal attacks under the veneer of a respected civil rights organization can only be described as bullying. The leader of the rogue civil rights group, located in Alton, is effective at intimidation by labeling anyone who disagrees with him a racist or enemy of unwed, promiscuously procreating single mothers.

Eligibility for the federal and state tax exemptions available to civil rights groups preclude them from being shills for any political party.

William R. Lambert


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