Where Obama leads us

January 10, 2014 

My sides hurt from laughing after reading and listening to the news about President Obama's insurance program. Hey, the website is up and running, period. Let's wait until Jan. 2 to see what people have and have not as far as insurance goes.

Most people will have high blood pressure waiting to see whether their insurance is any good when they go to the hospital or doctor.

Obamacare is the most messed up program ever devised by our government. Now we learn of all the taxes and fees we will pay starting in January. There will be 55 tax credits disallowed in 2014; what's next?

Aren't you glad you voted for Obama? We have only three more years to put up with stupidity from this guy. I just want to say that Obama can't blame George Bush much longer.

I wonder who Obama thinks he is? I just can't say enough about him. I know he was a great organizer and it shows because of the clowns he has around him.

Charles Lyerla


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