What's your favorite form of exercise?

January 12, 2014 

We talked to folks at Belleville East YMCA on Carlyle Avenue.

"I like to run. I am a track coach. It's my go-to. It's just a really good way to clear your head. I've been running since I was in sixth grade. I usually run anywhere from two to three miles. I will try to get outside. Snow and cold doesn't bother me. I have a lot of cold weather gear. It's pretty brutal right now."

Joe Anderson, 25


YMCA membership coordinator and track coach at Freeburg High School

"My favorite is skiing. It takes all the muscle groups to ski and a lot of stamina, and then you hope you don't break your neck. I've been skiing since I was 28. Usually one week a year I go to Winter Park, Colorado. I come here (to the Y) to get in shape to go there."

Wayne Sturgeon, 65

Belleville/Shiloh area

retired from IBM

"I love the elliptical. With the (machine's) arms, I can't fall off like I fall off the treadmill. I usually do it six days a week. It's my friends, Jennifer Lippert and Tracy McCollum, that make me come. I'm normally here at 5 a.m. I am a teacher. (Tracy) is my ride. She picks me up at 4:30. I've been doing this about five years."

Beth Junker, 43


eighth-grade language arts teacher at Central Junior High School and mother of three

"Lifting weights and walking. Lifting helps my cardio and my strength. When you get my age, you have to do something. I'm here three or four times a week. When it's not cold, I walk outside. I like to get a couple miles in. (To not get bored walking inside), I just look at people and at the TV screens."

Robert Mosby, 56


senior waste water treatment operator

"Basketball. You get to shoot and dribble. It's fun. I usually come two times a week. We play three on three, depending on how many people are here. l'm pretty good. I'm a power forward and center."

Dominick Moore, 12


sixth-grader at Belle Valley

"Basketball. I like to shoot around and go against people. I am always getting picked. I am pretty good."

Jaylin Mosby, 13


seventh-grader at Belle Valley

"I like running outside. Now, it's kind of crummy out. I will go on a treadmill or an elliptical. If it's snow or ice, I don't want to run because I might fall. I've been running probably since I graduated high school, maybe a couple years. I run three or four miles. I'll run on the bike trail or around Belleville East. I've got to have some good music. I like running to Sleigh Bells. They're probably my favorite band to run to."

Lindsey Mueller, 21


membership specialist at the Y who is starting nursing school at Barnes-Jewish Hospital

"Free weights. You don't have to conform to the machine. Years ago when I was out of shape, I realized I needed to do something. Now, I work out three times a week for 35 or 40 minutes. It makes you feel better. It gives you much more energy. (My goal is) to basically try to do a little more than I did before, to continue to push myself to reach new goals. It doesn't have to be strength. It can be endurance."

Jason Little, 39


works for Illinois American Water

"Running and weight-lifting. Probably right now (it's best) to come here and weight lift. They affect other parts of my life in a positive way. I've honestly never known anything else. You develop a life habit and it's what you do. I run both inside and outside. On a day like today, I came in here. The treadmill isn't my favorite, but you do what you have to do. I like to set goals and do above those goals. Weight-lifting is something you can also measure by what you see in the mirror. I guess there's some satisfaction doing that. (I work out) a couple hours a day. It's not something I fit in because I need to. It's something I do because it's part of my life."

Jay Krumeich, 56


pastor of Hope Church in Belleville

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